We do our job with ethics. Kind of an ideal. We believe in high standards to go further.           

In the first place we are demanding with ourselves: we want our quality of service to be perfect.

When we recruit, we look for the best, we look for people able to fit our ideal and to deploy main assets.

The quality of our service depends on the one of our team.

Our customers are also challenging and we clearly surpass ourselves to always have an edge on the competition.

By definitely choosing quality, we invest in excellence.

Our philosophy: Perfection for Perfection! OKWIDE's DNA was built on those basics.

  • The Team
The Team

We are experts in the events and leisure activities organization.
For 15 years we worked in the Mountains business as "Evolution 2". Then we discovered other fantastic universes propitious to escape, entertainment and originality.

We wanted to take this opportunity to allow you to discover those new places and to share with us new experiences…
Thanks to our partners' and customers' support, that ambition became true and turned into a brand: OKWIDE.
OKWIDE was fancied to guide you through your events organization and realization stress-free.

OKWIDE is all about:
-      expertise

-      listening

-      reactivity

-      sharing

-      proximity

-      supervising.

Discover our Energy Camps and share unique experiences.

Our colors, logo and acronym are our signature and our pride. And for you, the brand must be synonymous with pleasurable and successful experiences.

The Team

  • Leisure and outdoor activities organization
  • Exploitation and management of outdoor activities centres  for groups and individuals
  • Activities supervising
  • Events' organizerOKWIDE events’, dedicated B2B department, sportive events organization and business and leisure stays.