cyril Baïze OKWIDE
cyril Baïze OKWIDE

December 1st 2014

What are the market trends and what is OKWIDE's position?

The economic context is uncertain: we had awful weather conditions last season, which is really bad on such a competitive sector. To my mind, the only effective solution is to keep our promises!

For 25 years we chose to specialize in the production and organization of fun and sportive events. This works from then on the market becomes tense.

OKWIDE is growing in a very strong competitive environment (there are more than 55 000 events organizers in France, and we are nearly 1000 companies in our department.

What kind of actions does the company take to stand out from competition?

We want and we claim to be different, it sounds like politics but this really is a promise we keep!...

OKWIDE is the only one in South-East France with its own multi-activities production site beyond our customers' private sites (like the Club Med).

OKWIDE manages 90% of its production. This fundamental difference allows us a huge flexibility and a capacity of adaptation to our customers.

Production is the absolute expertise that allows us to offer programs, activities and sites diversity.

Customer care service is at the heart of our strategy. Our offers might sometimes be a little more expensive than those of our competitors simply because we make the most of our resources.

In that uncertain context, our customers can't afford to make mistakes so we need to provide them with the best and always try to do better than expected!  We are a SERVICES company, that notion must intensify in a crisis context and this will be our difference and commitment.

What did we achieve in 2014?

Even if winter was held in a big fog, summer has been great on our production sites along with a very good loyalty rate. The decrease in Tourism and Hospitality was less significant for us. In short, our operational and marketing strategies work and therefore confirm our development on both B2B and B2C segments.

What about environmental ethics at OKWIDE?

Yes it's true, it sounds like princess' words, but we do our best to leave the sites we use in better conditions than what we were given... We try to be smarter every day. This is part of our ideology to be a real responsible company, a company that would have a positive impact on our environment which is our work tool!

What about social ethics?

I created this company so I try my best to share this great adventure. Of course it is not easy everyday but my objective is exactly to make things easier.

I would recommend to read "The 20th century company will be socially responsible (or won't be)" / Editions «Rue de l’échiquier».

The major objective of a company is of course to make money, and making money is not bad... It is just about HOW money is made and WHAT we do with it! Since always our earnings have always been either re invested for our development to exist and create job opportunities, or it is redistributed among the team.

A company, just like a person, must contribute united to the equilibrium of the business. If we had less investment costs (material and human needs) we could make more profit. This is about precarious balance specific to companies, with financial risks, development, seeking profits and human thriving.

Voltaire said "I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health". We have just moved in our new headquarters in a fantastic work environment: a big house with a courtyard! We will soon set up exterior furniture to rest and dream for our customers!

Do OKWIDERs love working at OKWIDE? Just ask them!!! 

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