teambuilding-tourisme d'affaires OKWIDE
teambuilding-tourisme d'affaires OKWIDE

Business Tourism for OKWIDE. Viewpoint & stakes

Business tourism is an important component of the group ODWIDE identifed under the brand OKWIDE events. As leisure activity professionals and field specialist, this expertise imposed itself naturally for us.

Technically and commercially, it is a lot more simple to manage a group of 50 persons or 200 persons on a precise organization, than to organize and manage an  activity planning for an individual client.

The level of demand of our corporate or group client is not superior, simply different. This is explained by the fact that there is usually a unique interlocutor (organizer or decision maker) for the whole group, which inevitably gives him or her a feeling of exclusivity and priority.

Business toursim for OKWIDE is and will remain a complementary activity to our main activity which is the production of activities. Eventhough its turnover is predominent, its margins are reduced by a volume effect, group negociation and a growing competition on this line of business. 

This networking markers suffers from a lack of transparency and added value from the actors which composes it and therfore gives the advantage to the buyers.

With this in mind, OKWIDE chooses to continue to invest in its operational development, by being the owner of its own operational sites and by  investing in resources and on staff for the production of outdoor activities.  This is what makes us today a major actor  in the the leisure and tourism sector.

We believe that the future of business tourism is a matter of expert producers rather than assemblers experts. For this sector  which  is seen as ephemeral or as 'one shot' , the perspective is  to perpetuate this business and to evolve in the long term in a vision of sustainable development. The stakes; create wealth and attractiveness on its own site and for the local population.

The expertise and local production are the greatest added value of this line of business.

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