In this article, we talk about operational Team Building that answers your needs and calls out for a return on investment.

What is Team Building used for?

We often compare Team Building and Sport in general because in both cases teams learn to acquire the right reactions to make the difference. This is why Team Building often appeals to sporting activities or even famous athletes to boost teams.
The expression itself TEAM BUILDING is used to describe all the activities that help improving team's performances either on the social or operational side.
We must not lose sight of what is essential: participants should feel respected, trained, informed and listened to at all times.

Besides individuality, it is not easy to gather everyone together. The social dimension in a company is a big responsibility that managers face. But what a good feeling for a team to enjoy working all together and sharing values!

According to a Ipsos survey (October 2006 but still valid!), « social interactions with colleagues is the main happiness cause for employees that feel good at work ».

Team Building in the crisis context

One can wonder about the opportunity to organize such event in crisis circumstances. To save money, some managers have even tried to postpone seminars and incentive events. Is it the right decision? We don't think it is! To us, this is precisely the opportunity to bring everyone together around clear objectives and of course prepare teams to face newchallenges.

Why organise a Team Building?

In some cases, team building provides concrete solutions:
- fusion
- search for commercial performances
- geographical remoteness with colleagues
- contentious situations
- a special project launch
- newcomers
- welcome a new manager.

What is the aim of organising such events?

- Determine a joint objective and achieve it thanks to a shared leadership
- Apply a defined methodology to achieve goals
- Improve relationship qualities within teams.

Let's conclude with humour: quote from COLUCHE (extract from « J’ai pas dit ça sur les sportifs » 1977): « Team spirit just means guys with spirit who are part of a team, and they share it! »

Our projects team can advise is able to advise and guide you for your team building projects according to your objectives, your needs, your budget and your timing. Do not hesitate to contact us and visit the EVENTS page to get all our programs details.

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